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Are you: Pregnant or a new parent seeking guidance and support?... Looking for childcare options?... Interested in foster care or adoption?... Trying to find out about immunizations and nutrition?... Concerned about teen issues?... Researching your child's educational options both public and private, including homeschooling and extra help, from preschool to college?... Planning a birthday party with a clown or magician?... Looking for balloons and a bouncy house?... Wanting to venture into the great outdoors and go hiking, birdwatching, beachcombing, kayaking, camping, whale watching, swimming? ... Wanting to get on a ferry, go sailing, rent a bike, visit lighhouses, parks, playgrounds, gardens, mansions, zoos, aquariums, museums or farms?... Searching for ideas on how to have summer fun with your kids?... Wanting to go apple and pumpkin picking or visit a corn maze, go on a hay ride, go horseback riding, find a haunted house for Halloween fun, go skiing and snow boarding?...... Looking to find a great indoor activity on a bad weather day?... Looking for activities and classes to enroll your kids in?... Interested in 4-H club, or boy / girl scouting?... Wanting to paint pottery or encourage the budding artist in your child by enrolling them in a young artist program?... Looking to find out about special events in music, theater, or dance?... Looking to explore the cosmos at a planetarium?... Searching for a hands-on science center?..... Seeking the magic of books at a library?... Wanting to conquer a battleship?...

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